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10 Challenges Every Book Writer Faces to Continue With Their Stories

Writers are painters who use words to design worlds for their characters to live in and bring them to life.

However, despite the fact that writers appear to be people who can conjure up incredible tales out of pure nothingness, they also struggle with their own issues.

In reality, while a lot of these issues are more widespread among artists generally, others are quite exclusive to authors. For instance, the tendency to drop projects or leave them unfinished is more prevalent among writers. If you are facing such issues yourself, we have summarized the ten challenges every book writer faces in continuing with their stories, along with possible solutions to the challenges. Read this article to find out how, as a writer, you can overcome these challenges.

10 Challenges Every Book Writer Faces to Continue With Their Stories

Writer’s Block

You may run into writer’s block at any point and become bogged down with your book.

The best course of action is to take a little rest before getting back to work. If this doesn’t work, you might try to divert your mind to other projects before you get back to your current project.

For example, you can try writing short stories to get you going if you are entirely out of new ideas. This may help you get some meaningful work done while at the same time rekindling the flame of inspiration within you.

You can look into the short story writing guide to get ideas on how to write great short stories and then, once your writer’s block is cleared up, how you can proceed to write the big story you are aiming to write.

Bringing Changes As You Write

It’s difficult to resist the urge to edit the piece that you have previously written, such as a chapter of the book you are thinking of.

Editing one chapter over and over again will only result in a waste of time and stop you from making progress with your book.

Hence, make it a habit to pick up right where you left off instead of getting bogged down with editing the previously written segments.

Perpetual Research

Research is significant. In-depth research is even better. However, you can only spend a limited time doing research since you need to finish writing your book.

As a result, try to make an effort to set aside dedicated time for targeted research with trusted suitable sites instead of aimlessly researching. For instance, you can read some book reviews which can help you identify the issues that are holding you back and enable you to refine your writing and surge forward with your project.

Internet Distractions

As you sit down to work on your laptop, you might catch yourself scanning through your email, and checking out the posts and stories of people on Facebook or Instagram only to realize you are wasting your time doing something you shouldn’t be doing at all.

Hence, we recommend that you try to complete some work before logging on because you have a target to accomplish. Try rewarding yourself after hours of writing by going through social media accounts as such. But do not use it all the time during the writing process.

Loving Your Own Work

You took great pleasure in developing a particular character and giving them all of your desired characteristics. But there might be many situations that don’t really belong in the narrative but which you nevertheless find difficult to exclude.

The solution is to locate an editor or someone who can provide you with a more impartial viewpoint.

Forgetting Great Concepts

You suddenly realize how to overcome a plot difficulty while out with pals or on your way to work. When you finish the activity you were doing during the epiphany, the concept vanishes into nothing.

The answer is to make it a habit to always have a pen and paper in hand with you. If that doesn’t work for you, you can simply download any particular app which will help you to scribble down your thoughts if it’s too much to remember.

Lack of Assistance From Partner

Partners can sometimes make it tough for writers to write properly if they don’t think highly of their work. Many writers complain that their spouses and partners don’t understand or support them.

When you find the inspiration or the inclination to write, your partner may give you jobs to do around the house or suggest that you work harder to make more money.

In order to solve these issues, having an honest discussion with your partner is the only way to resolve this important issue. Be there for your partner’s needs while maintaining your working hours.


Many times, writers can often end up writing more than necessary to develop a point, situation, or character. This is a very common challenge for most writers, perhaps including you.

The solution to such a problem is to hire an editor who will ruthlessly reduce the length of your writing to a much more manageable amount.

Lack of Time to Write

Finding sufficient time to write may not be simple for you if you have another full-time job, a spouse, and kids. Everything appears to take away from your ability to write.

The solution to such an issue is that you must prepare yourself to forgo some relaxation since it’s crucial to work hard to get money and invest time in your relationships.

Practice extreme discipline to fit all you are required to do into your schedule. If you can wake up early and get some writing done in the early hours of the morning, that can be the most terrific way to start your morning as a writer with other significant commitments.

Dealing With Negative Comments

After investing all of your passion, time, and energy into writing a book, someone decides to publish a negative review online or in a literary publication. You can then be compelled to defend yourself by pointing out their errors in your reply but that can be distractionary and counter-productive.

The solution to this is to avoid reading these evaluations altogether if you are vulnerable to unfavorable comments. It is advisable to ignore all reviews, whether negative or positive, and move forward with your work. In time, you will find your audience.


In this article, we tried to analyze the ten most common challenges every book writer faces with continuing their stories, and what they can do to overcome them.

If you are one such troubled writer, we hope that you got some inspiration from the solutions suggested above and can now continue your journey toward becoming a successful author!

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