5 Handy Tips For Storing Off-Season Clothes

When you live in a cold climate this means that you have to have a significantly larger wardrobe than in other climates. 

Unlike someone who is living with Florida, if you live in Canada, or the Northern States, wearing shorts in the midst of January is just not an option. 

Of course, there are some weird people who might be wearing shorts in the middle of winter, but for most of us, wearing skimpy clothing and shorts in winter just is not a good option, usually it will result in very cold or even frostbitten knees! 

So, with such a large wardrobe that covers a vast array of seasonal requirements, you need to make sure that you look after your clothes as you rotate them as the seasons alter. 

You need to have a section for shorts and tank tops, but also a long garment bag for dresses, as well as good storage for thick coats.

So, how can you make the whole process of storing these seasonal clothes more bearable and ensure your clothes are safe? 

Let us give you 5 top tips on just how you can do this.

#1. Wardrobe Pare Down Time

If you switch out your wardrobe fwhen the seasons change around, then this will give you an opportunity to take a look at what you have in there and thin out what you have a little. 

Most people will always plan to clear out their wardrobes each year, but life often gets in the way, and we often do not follow through with these plans when things get hectic. 

This is one specific reason that most of us will have so many clothes which are barely ever worn, or have not been worn in many years. 

Of course, if you have clothes that don’t fit, damaged beyond repair, or if they have never even been worn, these are just taking up space. 

When you are going through your clothing, do spend some time to pare your wardrobe down. 

#2. Always Repair & Wash Clothes Before You Store

Seasonal clothing should be washed and folded before you pack it away for the season. With delicate items should be taken to the dry cleaner, or washed thoroughly. 

If you leave any untreated stains on your clothing items which have been stored away, then this will just bring about more problems for you next season. 

Any body odor smells, colognes, or perfumes can also me more tricky to get rid of then you try to get rid of them.

#3. Plastic Storage Containers Are The Best Choice

You should make sure to use plastic storage containers which have been properly cleaned, as well as some secured lids. If you use cardboard boxes for your clothes it can develop stains. 

Even thick cardboard boxes are more susceptible to being infiltrated by insects and rodents. 

When you do store away your clothes make sure you are not overstuffing your storage containers. You would cause creases which are hard to remove and will end up getting wrinkled. 

If you are loosely storing things in your containers, with too much space in them air will start to circulate and smells will build up. 

#4. Mothballs Are Good For Seasonal Storage

Can you even use mothballs the wrong way? 

As much as mothballs can be a very effective solution to insect prevention, and to prevent clothes getting eaten, so they do count as a pesticide, but you can guarantee that there is some toxicity in them. 

This means that they are hazardous to children, pets, and if you use them the wrong way round. You should always wear gloves when you handle them. 

In order to eliminate any worries about safety, ensure that you purchase chemical-free ones. 

Cedar-lined chests and cedar blocks are an even safer option than mothballs.

#5. Know Where To Store Your Seasonal Clothes

Not every single one of your stored seasonal clothing options should be folded awau and put in a storage bin, you need to hang some items up. 

You want to create some more storage space in your closet, so consider closet organizers, and even hanging rods. 

Think about extra shelves if you have the space. 

You can think about othe roptions such as using a bed with storage underneath, getting a bigger warderobe, or a large walk-in-closet space that you can customize. 

While it may be unthought of, consider using suitcases as well for extra storage space. Mudrooms are also good, ensure that you have enough space to properly store your clothes.

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