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8 Best Free Software For Students


Being a student is never easy, and one of the hardest parts of student life is to sustain a limited budget. Most of the students are restricted with the amount they can spend. Spending money on fancy things such as software is not a very affordable option for a student. Hence there are many companies that have built software that can be used by students free of cost.

If you are looking for What software can I get free as a student? Then here in this article, we have mentioned some of the top free software for students.

  1. Microsoft office 365

The limited edition of Microsoft 365, which is basically for education purposes, is all free for School students and teachers. There are many fake Microsoft office applications in the market, but why get the hacked version instead of getting the real one. People don’t know that Microsoft provides Microsoft Office 365 along with most of its features and applications such as word, excel, and more, all for free to the students. You will also get one TB of cloud storage with the software that can help you in Schools. All you need is to sign up with your email address and your school or college name.

  1. NET (Windows)

The special is one of the upgrades of the free paint software available previously on Microsoft. If you have been a fan of Photoshop, then this software will be the best one for your use. You will have options to edit an image and also save it in different formats, all for free. You can even download different plugins and get various updates just for free on your

  1. Jango Music Streaming

Jango Music Streaming is one of the best free software for students; that one could use. It is a free version of the software that can easily help to stream without a lot of ads. Most of the streaming applications do provide you with high-quality music, but on the other hand, the interrupting ads keep on disturbing you. It could be very irritating and especially if you are a student and want to relax it kills your spare time. But on the other hand, Jango Music Streaming software only provides one ad each day which is pretty amazing. You will get the artist information and even the lyrics of your songs with the software. It is one of the great free software for students, that can help them relax.

  1. Tableau

Tableau is an innovative application or software that can help a student in understanding and analyzing data in a correct way. If you have a problem in understanding huge amounts of data, then you can always use Tableau. The software provides you with an option to arrange the data in the form of charts and graphs. You can use different graphics with the software to organize the data and study in a more analytical way making it one of the best free software for students.

  1. LogMeOnce (Windows, Mac)

LogMeOnce (Windows, Mac) is a very unique and useful software that can help students. These days students access thousands of different websites and even applications which require passwords. Logging in with different passwords can be very cumbersome, and hence this software has the perfect solution for your problem. You can easily access different applications with this software login. It gives you an option to log in using photos and pictures which is very straightforward and easy, and you don’t have to remember passwords for different applications anymore.

  1. Prey

Prey is one of the most amazing software that can be very useful for a student. Losing a laptop for a student can be very troubling, and hence things can get very complicated as most of the important data related to students’ work are stored in the laptops. Prey will help to track your laptop and get the current location of the laptop directly to your phone. You will also get an alarm on your mobile if you switch on the mode to find your laptop. There are some premium features, but the free version is enough for the students.

  1. AVG AntiVirus

Getting a premium antivirus for a student can be very tough. The AVG AntiVirus is one of the best antiviruses you can use to keep scammers away from your laptop and computer devices, all for free. It can help to detect different viruses and malware without any problem. You will also keep on getting the latest upgrades over the free version of the software to protect you from the latest malware.

  1. OneNote

If you are looking for software that can help you to organize your notes, then this software is the best one to go for. The OneNote is all free for students, and you can use the clipping tool for making your work easier.


You can use these tools/software for free in your Schools to make your life easy. They are some of the best software that one can have as a student. Some of the best schools, such as Pragyanam School, appreciate their students for learning with such software. You can always trust these schools to teach your kids how to be organized with technology.


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