877-311-5134: The Swindle I Fell For

I was planning to call my bank to transfer a few thousand dollars into an account I had never heard of when I noticed the number appear at the top of my mobile. It appeared to be a harmless number at first, another number that had it’s prefix “877-311-5134“. However, there was something that made me nervous. Then I decided to conduct some research. This is when I discovered that this phone number is a fraud designed to take your money.

The fraudsters use this number to try to fool the victim into believing they’re phone-calling from your bank other financial institution. If you do answer the call, they could attempt to steal your money by transferring your funds to a fake bank account or even by offering you fake products. So be aware of about where your numbers come from and do not be a victim of this fraud. If you suspect you be a victim, call your financial institution or bank immediately. They’ll be able to help to get your money back.

What is 877-311-5134?

There’s a scam known as “877-311-5134” which is currently available on the internet. This scam involves receiving a phone call from a person who claims to originate an employee of Microsoft, Apple, or an additional tech firm. The person calling you will inform you that your system is suffering from an infection that needs to be fixed. They’ll say they’re sending an engineer to your home to remove the virus.

The first thing you need to do is to hang up the phone. Do not let them pressure you into providing them with any of your personal information, or giving them access access to your computer. If you give access, they could gain access to your confidence and attack your computer with malware, or take your personal data.

What is the reason I called them?

I received a call from an individual named “Natalie” whom I believed to be an agency for debt collection. She claimed I owed her $5,000 and offered to help me pay my debt.

One of the first things I checked after she called was search for her company online. I learned that her business is fraudulent and there’s no way I could pay her $5,000.

I tried to call Natalie to get her back but all my calls were routed to voicemail. It appears that this is a tactic commonly used by scammers to pretending that they’re legitimate through voicemails, however, they don’t answer any of your questions or provide any details on how to pay the dues.

What did I hear after I phoned you?

When calling, the agent who was on the other side of the line informed me that they would be able to assist me solve my issue and could locate my bank account details as soon as possible. They asked for my full name and address and account number, as well as my identification number in order to accomplish this. I provided them with all of the information requested and waited for to hear back.

None came. I called back after a couple of days and was informed to the exact same individual that my account was successfully transferred to their account , and all I had to do was sign an agreement. I inquired about the amount I could get back, and was told it was the amount was $10,000. Again, I supplied all the requested information and waited to hear back.

Then, I received nothing. After a few weeks I called back to inform them that I had not received any communication from them. This time, I was placed on hold while a person attempted to locate me. After approximately 10 minutes on hold, a person finally returned on the phone and informed me that there was an error in my transfer and instead of receiving $10,000 I would only receive around 800 dollars.

I have to admit that this was not what I had hoped for to be at all, especially after spending hours talking to an individual who appeared to be extremely convincing. The truth is the scam’s frequent – 1 in 5 individuals have been affected at the time of their lives. The best method to safeguard yourself is to be aware of it.

What could be possible for anyone to experience this?

Anyone can be a victim of a fraud. The perpetrator could be someone whom you are familiar with, or might be someone you don’t know. Scams can be in many forms, such as calls, emails or letters.

The most frequent scams are scams that offer investments as well as free vacations and other benefits. Certain scammers employ threatening words or techniques to try to convince you into giving the scammers money or supporting their cause. Some scammers may offer quick and easy cash by offering massive payments through gambling, or investments.

Whatever the scam might be however, it’s crucial to be aware that there is no thing as a sure way to earn money. Any offer that seems too appealing to be true is. Beware of being swindled by fraudsters – there are better ways to earn money and live your life!


The year before I got a phone call from the number 877-311-5134. The person calling me claimed to be from my bank, and told I that there had been a glitch with one account. He advised me to contact them immediately to rectify the problem. I did what he requested and called his number numerous time throughout my day. Each time, I’d be disconnected before I could complete my call. It wasn’t until a few hours after that I realized the number was likely fake and that something had been stolen from one my accounts. If you get a message like this, don’t make any decisions on their behalf. Simply end the call and inform your credit or bank company.

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