Which Cross Browser Testing Tools Simplify Browser Compatibility Problems?

Cross-browser testing is a big challenge for the majority of quality assurance experts and software testers. There is a never-ending combination of different modern and legacy browsers for software testers to assess websites and apps to settle compatibility problems. A perfect web or mobile app is implemented uniformly on an amalgamation of different operating systems (OS), devices, versions, and browsers.  

Keeping this scenario in mind, we are presenting to you the list of 5 cross-browser testing tools.

Browser shots 

It is an open-source testing application that enables you to check your website browser compatibility in one place. This testing platform is straightforward to use. You would like to enter your website address and choose the browser setup. You will be able to choose from varied presets like Java, Flash, color depth, screen size, and JavaScript. You will receive screenshots that might be bookmarked for later review.


Browser a is an automatic browser compatibility testing tool that runs on a cloud infrastructure and needs no installation. It identifies cross-browser layout issues and reports JavaScript errors. It permits you to check the complete website rather than single website pages in conjunction with links and dynamic content like DHTML and Ajax. You will be alerted regarding cross-browser compatibility problems now.

Browser ling 

Browser ling may be a cross-browser testing tool engineered on StackVM and steam-powered with JavaScript and Canvas. It supports interactive browser testing while not inquiring about the installation of Applets or Flash. You simply got to enter your address and wait to examine however your website appearance across totally different browsers. It permits you to various screen resolutions and supports over 80+ browser combos. Comprehensive testing facilities square measure out there on payment.

Cross browser testing permits live testing of the website across totally different browsers and operational systems. To use it, you would like to login to the Cross Browser Testing platform, choose the software, and browser, and begin testing your website for hypertext mark-up language forms, AJAX, JavaScript, and Flash. There’s an automatic layout comparison feature that permits you to check your website on a “base” browser and obtain an outline of variations at the side of screenshots of bugs and layout issues. Websites may be tested within the native development part.

Browser stack 

Browser stack is a trending cross-browser testing tool that uses virtualization on the cloud infrastructure to convey you access to the testing platform and needs no installation. Browser stack permits websites to be checked through online JavaScript or element machine-driven test suites. It supports testing across 700+ browsers and is provided with easy options like screenshots, native testing, responsive style testing, APIs, etc.               

In The End……

The above-mentioned cross-browser testing tools are some of the popular tools utilized by the software testers that permit them to perform cross-compatibility testing to the fullest extent allowed. Nevertheless, if you want in-depth cross-browser testing to be done systematically, find a good software testing company.

There are so many software testing companies that have created compatibility test accelerators. They offer an online selenium grid that can be incorporated with your software on various operating systems (OS), browsers, and devices. It does not need any sort of installation. It can be simply merged with the client’s current cloud-based system. The cross-browser testing tools have reusable libraries that act like automation efforts. The architecture has also simplified script portability across environments. The cross-browser testing solutions are integrated with the best cloud-based solution for the execution of scripts and tests. This is done on a combination of browsers, platforms, and operating systems. These tools will enable the software tester to conduct their testing tasks in an efficient manner.

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