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Bubbler for Smoking Weed vs. Tobacco

There are different ways to consume weed. You can light up a splif, roll a classic joint, use a steamroller or chillum, pack a bowl in a pipe, or load up a bubbler. The options are limitless. However, the most popular way of consuming cannabis among stoners is using the bubbler bong.

Bubblers are an intuitive device that lets you enjoy marijuana consumption without extra effort. Using a bubbler to consume weed is a popular act. However, can you use the same device to consume tobacco?

What is a Bubbler? 

A bubbler is like a regular bong. However, it is more compact when compared to a bong. Bubblers use a percolation system that clears the smoke and filters it using a glass piece. With the filtration, getting a hit becomes silky smooth and free of residual resin and tar.

Many theories have opined that bubblers make marijuana state better because of the purification effect of the water used in the filtration process.

A bubbler lets you achieve the full capacity of the natural flavor present in your herb strain. The device is also convenient because of its compact size and shape, and it is also easy to clean.

Is a Bubbler Compatible with Smoking Tobacco?

Yes, a bubbler can be used for smoking any type of herbal substance, including tobacco, cannabis, and others. It is actually a preferred device for smoking tobacco because of the filtration mechanism.

You can use it for basically any strain that you want to smoke. All you have to do is ensure that you have your grinder ready to do justice to the herb. Of course, it is possible to smoke the tobacco bud or weed without grinding it.

The only thing is that you will not get the best punch out of your smoking session. When you grind your herb, it allows the air to run through the whole bud and burn it 100% all through.

How Bubblers Work for Both Weed and Tobacco

As stated, you can use a bubbler to smoke weed or tobacco. All you need is to ensure that the strain of your choice is well ground up for the best hit. When that is done, scoop a little, pack it into the bowl, and plug the rush.

Put the mouthpiece in your mouth and begin to light the ground. Inhale gently to allow the flame to get pulled towards the bud. Draw in for about one second and release your finger from the rush. Next, inhale the remaining smoke fully to get the perfect hit.

With a bubbler, you never have to worry about the tar and resin that come with smoking your weed or tobacco directly. The water in the bubbler purifies everything and delivers cool and flavorful smoke to your lungs.

A bubbler bong is intricately constructed with the top containing the mouthpiece, which is attached to a stem. The stem, on the other hand, connects to the bowl and that is where you load your weed.

Below the bowl and stem is the water chamber where you fill up the water for filtration. Some bubblers come with a carb, which controls the air. Although the water chamber is small, it is just perfect for filtering the hits of your cannabis without any inconvenience.

Apart from filtering the smoke, the water also reduces the temperature of the smoke, which ultimately gives a nice smoking experience.

How to set up your Bubblers to Smoke

Without a doubt, using a bubbler bong is simple and easy. However, you should know the setup first before you start packing your bud into the bowl. So, how do you set up your bubbler bong as a first-timer?

  • Fill up the water chambers of the bubbler going to where the bottom meets with the stem. Ensure that you do not overfill the bubbler as this will reduce the impact and the experience.
  • Pack the freshly ground tobacco marijuana or any strain of your choice into the attached bowl. If the bubbler has a carburetor, place your thumb on the opening and put the mouthpiece to your mouth as you light the weed in the bowl.
  • Rest your thumb on the carburetor as you light the bowl and wait for about ten seconds as you inhale gently to distribute the amber evenly. Release your thumb from the carb and inhale deeply to get the remaining smoke into your lungs.

With that powerful inhale, you will get the remaining flavored smoke out of your bubbler. Of course, nothing must go to waste. So, if you notice any smoke remaining in the glass after inhaling deeply, take another quick inhale to clear the smoke.

How to Keep Your Bubbler Bong Clean

When you are done with your smoking session, put the bubbler bong in water and clean it up with salt and alcohol. If you notice any burnt weed particles still hanging around the bowl, take it out, wipe the bowl with a cloth, and make sure it is clean.

You may also want to wait until you have used your bubbler a couple more times before you give it a thorough clean. You can do whatever works for you with the cleaning.

However, it is recommended that you clean out any dirt and residual product in your bubbler to ensure you get a velvety smooth hit and exceptional high when next you use the device.

Bubblers are easy to use. They are compact in size and come in different designs, making them a perfect device for on-the-go smoking. This device offers a savoring and softer hit alternative to many other smoking devices for tobacco and cannabis.

Although compact, it is also easy to share with friends when you want to be magnanimous enough to pass your joint around. Well, you may want to watch out so that none of your friends ends up going away with it. And if that doesn’t work, you can always try a glass pipe.

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