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Instagram Brands With Massive Inspiration Effects You Should Follow

Instagram has come a long way since the early days of its launch. It has gone from a social media app for sharing photos to a platform where brands can now promote their products and services.

But beyond this, Instagram is a great place to find connections, entertainment, information and, most importantly, Inspiration.

There are thousands of brands on Instagram, but very few of them stand out when it comes to inspiring people. So, if you’re looking for brands that’ll inspire you on Instagram, you may have to dig deep. Unless, of course, you read a guide like this one, that brings the most inspiring brands to your fingertips.

Don’t be fooled. That a brand is successful doesn’t mean it inspires people. In this guide, we’ll share some of the best Instagram brands with massive inspiration effects.

Here are a few of the best Instagram brands with massive inspiration effects;

  1. Nike [@nike] – 214 M Followers

Nike is in the spotlight because it uses pictures of sports athletes and celebrities to inspire its target audience. It is a global brand sharing series of success stories through its feed on IG.

With over 200 million followers; there’s a reason why Nike is one of the most followed brands on Instagram. If you’re not already following this account, you should go ahead to do that now.

  1. Entrepreneur Magazine [@entrepreneur] – 3.8 M Followers

This brand is dedicated to inspiring, informing, and celebrating entrepreneurs worldwide. This is the perfect brand to follow if you’re seeking Instagram marketing inspiration for business owners.

Entrepreneur Magazine will teach you to stay true to your personal brand. They consistently share useful information about successful business owners. They also share motivational quotes.

  1. Bulletproof [@bulletproof] – 353 k Followers

Bulletproof is a top coffee brand on Instagram. They have the right blend of beautiful images, color schemes, and uniform quote tiles on their feed. Plus, they lace all these with the right style of fonts.

This brand uses inspirational quotes to connect with its audience. Inspire your own audience as well by replicating their style of quotes. This will make your IG profile more discoverable.

  1. Girlboss Media [@girlboss] – 1.8 M Followers

This Instagram business brand is offering positivity and career advice for ambitious women. It’s the page to view when you need that morning motivation to get on with the business of the day.

This account delivers a confidence boost to its target audience daily. Their posts carry inspirational quotes that will inspire women worldwide to pursue their dreams.

5. Matt Adlard [@mattadlard] – 746 k Followers

Matt is a pastry chef who shares amazing photos of his baking creations on Instagram. Most of his posts are video thumbnails of beautiful desserts and stories of how he creates his recipes.

You will get a daily dose of inspiration on his feed. His feed will teach you how to try new things and also encourage you to share your behind-the-scenes stories to get more Instagram followers.

  1. Teva [@teva] – 4.0 M Followers

Lovers of beautiful sandals will admire the way Teva shares adventure stories on its feed. Teva inspires people to live for the unscripted moment that will create lasting memories of a lifetime.

This brand uses User Generated Content to connect with its customers by sharing the content they create. You too can use this strategy to get the right content for your brand’s Instagram page.

  1. IKEA [@ikea] – 1.0 M Followers

This Swedish furniture brand is dedicated to creating a better everyday life for people. Through their beautiful images of furniture, they show their target audience around their online store.

IKEA also uses creative strategies to show people where to purchase their products. If you own or run a business, you can use the techniques found on this brand’s feed to market your products.

  1. Freddy’s Steakburgers [@freddysusa] – 88.3 k Followers

This American restaurant brand is gaining massive recognition on Instagram with delicious photos of its food. They create authentic content that displays the value of their brand’s services.

They stand out by constantly highlighting their owner in their posts and stories. You can learn to create stories highlighting important people in your company when you post photos of your feed.

  1. WeWork [@wework] – 635 k Followers

This office space brand is known for sharing viral content on Instagram. This is all thanks to its smart use of hashtags and beautiful visuals. Wework is the brand to follow if you run a business account on IG.

As for how it inspires people; there are a series of work-life balance quotes on its feed. Most are from successful industry professionals. So, get on their page today for daily work-life inspiration.

  1. FedEx [@fedex] – 246 k Followers

This shipping brand features amazing pictures taken by some of their customers when delivering goods. They’ve mastered the art of engaging their followers and maximizing user-generated content (UGC).

You can take inspiration from colorful photos on their page by sharing nice photos of the products or services your brand delivers. This will help your brand get a higher amount of Instagram likes on its posts.

  1. Joe Wicks [@thebodycoach] – 4.3 M Followers

This is the page to get fitness inspiration on Instagram. The fitness instructor behind this account consistently shares workout routines. As such, the account has attracted millions of followers and participants.

If you’re struggling with your fitness journey, you will surely be inspired by pictures of incredible body transformation on their feed. You can also join the fitness plan and challenges shared daily.

  1. Audi USA [@audi] – 15.8 M Followers

The Audi Instagram page is full of stunning images of luxury cars manufactured by the company. This account has gained a massive following because of how colorful and polished its photos look.

If you follow this account, their feed will inspire you to  share colorful content as well. Also, you will learn a thing or two about how to create short videos that will speak about your brand’s image.

  1. IMAX Cinemas [@imax] – 718 k Followers

The inspiring thing about this brand lies in how it uses Instagram Stories to engage with its audience of movie lovers. These stories are interactive with polls, quizzes, and live events.

This is one of the best Instagram brands to follow if you need massive inspiration effects. The page will also teach you how to manage your Instagram account using ad campaign promotions.


Marketing on Instagram on a daily basis can stifle your creativity—it happens to the best of us. Checking out other Instagram accounts is one approach to rekindle your creative spirit and find inspiration.  Sometimes, all it takes is that little spark.

The top Instagram brands highlighted in this post will inspire you to align your content with your goals, which will then lead you to gain more likes and followers. They will also motivate you to make the right moves in life.

Instagram is no longer an online playground, it’s now a social media marketing powerhouse for brands. So, follow each of these brands to get the inspiration effect needed for  growth.

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