Can You Buy a Soft Sword for Training?

An exceptional soft sword with blade type 1 print is something that can change the perspective of the game as well as the way you train and fight professionally These blades are very lightweight and unimaginably sturdy, making them one of the best weapons in the hand to hand fighting world. We have tested several different types of soft swords like ones with blades at both ends; they all share several characteristics such as durability, ease of wear, weight as well as price. However, the best thing about these swords is that they can be customized to meet your particular needs. Here, we will provide you with the perfect choice.

The following sword is among the most common swords you will find in your local dealer or martial art shop. Assuming that you pick this model you will get an expert look, lightweight and strong. The complete package makes it a great solution to your next training session. It is likewise strongly suggested for amateurs.

Hyper-Realistic Soft Sword With Blade Type 1 Print 92cm/2′11″

In this article, we will discuss some very important things when buying a soft sword without any kind of protection.

Soft Swords: Durability vs Sturdiness

You can get a sword that has been fully equipped for 40 years. Even if the sword did not survive decades of continuous use, they still retain their quality. So why don’t you buy a sword that’s 20 years old, instead of getting a new one? That’s exactly what I have mentioned in the first place: Soft swords offer durability while keeping the original shape and functionality. This guarantees a long-lasting relationship between the manufacturer and your sparring partner. Not only do they come with fantastic features, but they also remain true and reliable.

Soft Swords have a more forgiving feel than sturdier ones, which means that anyone with ever-growing physical strength will be able to improve their skills. The softness also allows you to take bigger steps with your practice sessions, which will certainly increase your chances of improving your skill in the long run.

These blades are also much lighter, meaning they consume less power as compared to hard ones. They are therefore less likely to injure your hands and joints in any way in the fight. In general, your experience on a belt should always start with a smooth transition, but the case is a little bit different for each situation, so make sure that you choose the right sword for your specific case.

Best Picks For Your Next Sessions

I know that many people who have never done any form of physical work would go wrong choosing a soft sword without any kind of protection. But just because someone has never done anything physical doesn’t mean his knowledge of hard skills is irrelevant. There are plenty of students who are already learning how to protect themselves from accidents, injuries and other threats facing them every day while they are in the gym and even during sparring sessions. And even without knowing anything about physical combat, you can never help yourself from spending time with professionals to learning essential techniques. To give you an idea of the benefits of using a soft sword, we have listed some of its pros below:

Best Considered Size

A lot of people prefer using the size of a regular one, but why do that. Many designers of soft swords try to cut the body shape down so that they can fit in your hand easily. Well, this isn’t the case. Some of their models aren’t designed for that purpose and this has a severe impact on how effective they are. A well-fitting model offers lots of stability and a better position for your hand because the user will always be moving around with confidence, even though he doesn’t look like his hands could handle it. Another advantage of using a soft sword without any padding is that there won’t be a risk of injuries in your joints such as those of elbows and wrists. The last point I want to mention is that having a good grip on the backhand is a rare experience, and many experts say that the best technique to do that is by gripping your thumb with the middle finger and the index finger. Never forget that your thumbs have a tremendous influence on your success because they do almost everything in your hand. Save this data to the side for the time being and keep zeroing in on our manual for picking the best swords!

Pros & Cons Of Different Types Of Soft Swords Without Blades

A few common swords without blades are made with silicone rubber as their main materials. But let me tell you a story from my journey: While working with a beginner, it was difficult to maintain the hardness of rubber when he didn’t shave off the top of his fingers regularly. Therefore, I decided to put together another soft sword without any type of protection. After a short assessment process, incidentally, not every person needs an exceptional sort of sword with no sharp edges so here and there a regular sword will do the trick. Still, I always recommend that you go through any other soft swords review online before deciding on any type. Besides, here are some of the features you can expect from any steel type sword without any type of protection:

Better Grip and Better Positioning of Hand

If you were wondering how this blade looks, it is because it is the same one used in real combat. Besides, it likewise has a staggering top calibre and magnificent cutting accuracy. The best feature is that it has a beautiful finish that feels luxurious to the touch. Being able to grip his fingers is a powerful attribute: your wrists will turn into a natural extension system.

If you are looking for a very expensive sword without any type of protection, then you have come to the correct place. As it can cost thousands of dollars, however, you still get a better product. It gives you a comfortable feeling and it features a higher level of durability.

Durable Attachment System

One of the biggest fears and criticisms related to purchasing such pieces of equipment is durability and the durability of attachments. Although various types of blades with no types of durability exist, their attachment systems may be quite different. One of them is called a fixed-attachment system. Such attachments comprise rigid parts such as nuts, bolts, locks, zippers, etc., that are usually permanently fixed once created. Any blades (except some of the cheapest ones) without permanent attachments can often be easily replaced with a proper one. On the other hand, you have blades that consist of removable tips. The removal element can be removed once it gets loose from the blade itself, leaving your holster intact.


Choosing the type of sword without any type of protection is an easy task for beginners and experienced users alike. Each sword comes with its set of advantages, including durability and style. It also offers impressive features such as lightweight and durability that you cannot get anywhere else. Make sure to keep reading our full selection guides and compare prices, so that you can choose the best sword for your current purposes.

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