Computer Love: What Is The Average Cost of A Computer Repair?

Unassembled PCs date back to the 1970s. Since then, computers have changed a lot.

Today, you might have a computer that you normally love, but it’s not working. Or, maybe you’re wondering how much it’ll cost you when you will need computer repair.

While paying for computer repair might seem costly, there’s hope. Read on to explore this guide on the average cost of repairing your computer today!

Average Computer Repair Prices

When finding these services for repairing your computer, it can cost about $40-$90 per hour depending on your location. This also depends on whether you have someone come to you, and to who you bring it.

Computer Repair Cost 2021

Next, it’ll depend on the work that you need to be done. A virus can cost about $100, while a computer screen can be about $320. Some problems can be fixed when you work with the software.

Flat Fees

Some computer laptop repair companies will have flat rates that they’ll charge you. They might also charge you an additional $1 per GB data recovery. There might be a flat rate for fixing your computer screen instead of charging you per hour.


Your computer repair price might be reduced based on warranties. Some companies will fix the problem that you’re facing, and even offer you a warranty on the work that they perform.

Keyboard Replacement

Another problem that you might experience is due to needing a keyboard replacement. The price will vary depending on the model, especially when it comes to a Mac.

Water Damage

If you’re experiencing water damage but it’s not expensive, it can cost about $100 to fix. For intense damage, it could cost you about $250.

Hard Drive Replacement

In order to install a one terabyte SATA hard drive on a laptop, it’s about $110. This will include parts and labor.

It’s less since a laptop’s hard drive is easier to replace. Keep in mind that you might have to pay extra to move the data to the new drive. This could cost you about an extra $100.

Motherboard Replacement

Replacing the motherboard can be quite pricey at about $200. It can take about 2-3 hours since they’ll need to test it out. This price is in addition to them figuring out what the problem is first.

Apple Computer Repair

Apple computer repairs can be quite costly, maxing out to $550. This is the price to replace a hard drive on an Apple laptop. This is due to being unique parts, so tends to cost more than a PC.

Exploring the Average Cost of Computer Repair

After exploring this guide, you should have a better idea of what to expect to pay for computer repair. Take your time finding a high-quality repair shop in your area and be sure to check out their reviews!

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