How Cisco 200-901 Exam Can Help You Stand Out As a Cisco Developer

How Cisco 200-901 Exam Can Help You Stand Out As a Cisco Developer

Cisco developers are software engineers that develop for the Cisco ecosystem. They develop software solutions that support networking features and equipment ranging from switches to Voice over Certbolt networks. Software engineers looking to pivot into developing for Cisco infrastructures can do this by taking the proper exam and acquiring the necessary credentials. While preparing for an exam can be time-consuming and intensive, its rewards are endless. We discuss in this guide the Cisco 200-901 exam and how it can help you stand out as a Cisco developer. Let’s get into it.

What is the Cisco 200-901 Exam?

The 200-901 exam is a 120-minute core exam that evaluates a candidate’s skills and knowledge in software development, network automation, and understanding of the Cisco infrastructure. The exam has no prerequisites but a pass rate between 800 to 850 out of 1,000, depending on the number of questions.

Cisco developed the Certbolt exam to provide network engineers and software developers with a shared understanding of each domain. Therefore, professionals from both fields can take the exam to gain in-depth knowledge of each discipline: learning practices and fundamental concepts that contribute to their respective development and design process.

How the Cisco 200-901 Exam Can Help You Differentiate Yourself

Though the 200-901 exam is available to both networking engineers and software developers, we explore mainly below why passing the Cisco 200-901 exam is essential as a developer.

  1. In-Depth Understanding of Networking Principles

Cisco is primarily a provider of innovative networking solutions that help organizations transform their operations and businesses. Passing the Certbolt exam validates your understanding of fundamental networking principles and programmability, which can boost your development process as a Cisco developer.

2. Numerous Career Prospects

The Cisco certbolt exam does not make you a network engineer, but passing the exam opens some network roles to apply for. This include network automation engineer and infrastructure architect. According to ZipRecruiter, the former earns a mean salary of $112,421 yearly, while the latter earns an average of $134,536 annually. Other job prospects include software developer and systems integration programmer.

3. Understanding of Cisco’s Infrastructure

Cisco developers design and implement solutions (applications and software) on Cisco infrastructure. Understanding this infrastructure is crucial in designing solutions that work efficiently. Developers learn Cisco’s SDK, APIs, Network management set ups, and best practices for developing solutions for the Cisco infrastructure.

4. The Cisco 200-901 Exam Earns You the DevNet Associate Certification

The 200-901 evaluation is required for candidates pursuing the Cisco DevNet Associate Certification. Passing the exam earns you the credential and 48 Continuing Education credits. Cisco developers who earn this Certbolt accreditation can leverage it to advance careers and make more money.


Given that Cisco technologies are widely used, passing the 200-901 exam holds many prospects for developers. Professionals looking to advance their careers can do no wrong with this Cisco test, and we hope this guide helped you evaluate the cost and value. To register, visit the Cisco website; your future self will thank you.


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