How To Choose Software Development Outsourcing Partner?

Competitive conditions incite higher quality of applications with minimal financial costs for deployment and promotion. Regardless of the format of the project, trained performers are required. A truly successful mobile application requires experienced developers, a marketing team, and service specialists. Also, you need to think about advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing software development.

Today, more than 60% of mobile software customers prefer outsourced teams. Of course, it is better to have a team on staff, but due to the length of the training period and a number of specific conditions, maintaining a team of specialists for periodic orders is wasteful even for large businesses.

However, the classic phrase “demand motivates supply” is fueling the outsourcing market. Taking into account the fact that often an outsourcing company is the collective property of a team of participants, it marks the best motivation and quality of the final result.

Two factors when choosing a partner

The number of developers in the mobile application market is growing, as is the device market itself. More than 800 performers in various product niches have been collected in Russian-language databases alone. For the optimal choice, it is necessary to determine a few simple questions:

  • Positioning of the contractor.

As a rule, in the general data about the company, you can find out the profile of the agency and understand the specialization. Of course, in this section it is better to focus on companies that have positive experience in the desired consumer niche. This is not always the main thing, but if there is a choice, the primary selection should take into account the clear specialization and experience of the performer.

  • The format of the outsourcer’s work.

When it comes to the development of copyright software, it is important to determine the complexity of the task and select a contractor with the appropriate qualifications:

  1. Typical software. More often, the term “typical” does not appear in the range of services at all, for the simple reason that it reduces the cost. But in the logic of programming, a typical variant involves the use of ready-made modules to implement the set business task.
  2. Development from scratch.

Unlike, for example, design, the criterion of individuality is not practiced here. “From scratch” means the absence of ready-made templates and standard software modules that are used in the mass market. In practice, working from scratch or on ready-made templates does not confirm or refute the quality of the finished product. Therefore, this factor is conditional.

Real reviews are an important selection criterion. But due to the wide range of sites and ratings, it is difficult for a client without relevant experience to understand the reliability and relevance of information.

Criteria for choosing an outsourced team

By filtering contractors according to basic criteria, you can examine contractors in detail in the context of the optimal choice:

  •     Rating.

Authoritative ratings do not always objectively reflect the professionalism of the team. However, this factor affects the cost of the services provided, so it cannot be ignored. Experienced customers prefer to consider candidates not from the top, but not from the bottom lines of the rating. The Digitalsuits team will help you make the right choice.

  • Experience in similar niches. If the contractor has positive experience with similar projects, this is a great advantage. The contractor knows the specifics and features of the market, which will avoid unpleasant surprises.
  •     Service.

Not the most important, but, nevertheless, significant criterion. If your project is not interesting for eminent contractors, it is better to shift your choice to more motivated contractors, for whom a new client is “worth its weight in gold”.

Real reviews are the basis of the artist’s reputation. Today, there are a number of services that provide the ability to share feedback on software development contractors: Goodfirms, AppFutura, Google Business, and many others.

With the help of reviews, it is easier to determine the real potential of a candidate, his profile and specialization. It happens that in a competitive environment, contractors deliberately wind up positive ratings for themselves through unscrupulous methods. Therefore, when choosing, it is advisable to use reputable sites.

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