What You Should Know To Hire A Java Developer 

The team is the main determinant of your future success. It is pivotal to devote attention to numerous facts while hiring a Java code writer. This publication will help you in forming the development group and defining the best code writers exactly for your purposes. Before we start, let’s talk about the Java basics and why the representatives of this profession are so popular and demanded nowadays. 

Short Java overview

Java is a programming language that has been widely used by IT specialists for nearly 20 years. Now experts believe that this tendency will continue. It is explained by the fact that Java offers a range of benefits. 

Firstly, IT specialists appreciate this language for its high-security level. Due to the growing number of cyber-attacks this feature is essential. Secondly, Java is one of the most flexible languages. It means that Java products can run on various devices and platforms. Even if these products were created 10 years ago. 

This programming language can boast of a wide field of usage. IT specialists use it for building interactive platforms, mobile apps, and web pages. Among the most popular mobile applications based on Java, there are Uber, Tinder, and Netflix apps. 

What’s more, there are many enterprises that choose Java because of its high performance and powerful features. You can easily find Java-built products in the healthcare, banking, and government spheres. 

What you should know about hiring a Java developer 

Among the most significant advantages provided by Java is that there are a lot of experts to choose from. If you want to hire Java developers you should take into account all possible options. You can choose the traditional employment model or opt for offshore Java developer. This model lies in hiring IT specialists from other countries. It allows business owners to save resources without sacrificing the quality of the end products. 

Anyway, you should take the procedure of forming the development team seriously. Don’t forget that Java is still evolving. New updates, sophisticated frameworks and libraries continue to emerge. Due to this, hands-on experience is the main aspect you should pay attention to.

The candidate for the junior Java developer role 

 Since Java is a relatively old programming tool, a person who has graduated or finished IT courses in 2004 won’t be able to work effectively in 2022. 

 A junior IT specialist is usually a candidate with working experience of up to 24 months. This position is a trampoline for further growth and improvement. Anyway, the interviewed person must be ambitious and self-determined. It is impossible to find a great specialist taking into account only a portfolio and CV. It is crucial to test the person on his or her knowledge of the language and its ecosystems. Among basic topics that a good Java developer must master are information types, possible threats, object-oriented programming, class loading mechanism. 

 The chosen person must be good at creating transparent and readable Java code. Among other essential things is the knowledge of IP, HTTP protocols, and FTP.

 Make sure the candidate masters such web services as REST and SOAP. Another pivotal skill is service-oriented architecture. Among additional bonuses will be the understanding of jQuery, Spring, and JavaScript.

The candidate for senior Java developer role

 This position is for Java specialists with working experience from 3 to 6 years. Such specialists have to master object-oriented programming and J2EE. The code written by a senior Java developer must be readable and clean. Such experts usually have great debugging skills. This position also includes dealing with SQL queries. Make sure the chosen person can easily deal with runtime and garbage collection issues. 

Interpersonal skills

  Apart from professional skills a good Java specialist must have a set of particular personal traits. The candidate must be flexible, stress-resistant, and hardworking. Make sure the person is creative and motivated enough to become a part of your company. Despite the fact that Java specialists can work remotely using their laptop, there are a lot of people they have to cooperate with. A good IT specialist can find common language with all team members for improving the quality of the product. 

Final thoughts 

 If you want to form a powerful team, devote enough resources and effort to the interviewing process. You are required to master Java so that you can assess the knowledge of the candidate. If it isn’t about you, hire a person that will be responsible for forming a powerful team. 


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