How to Clean AdepoyApple Watch Bands

Apple watch band is an indispensable accessory for the Apple Watch. Without Apple Watch bands, the Apple Watch can’t be so versatile. So choosing a durable and comfortable Apple Watch band is important for you and your watch. If you wear Apple Watch band continuously, consider cleaning your band every one or two weeks. Here are the ways about how to clean Apple Watch bands in different material.

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  1. How to Clean Silicone Band
  2. How to Clean Nylon Band
  3. How to Clean Stainless Steel Band
  4. How to Clean Braided Band
  5. How to Clean Leather Band

1. How to Clean Silicone Band

Most Apple Watch bands are made of soft and durable silicone material. The Silicone band is waterproof and is not easy to get dirty on it. The way to clean Apple watch silicone band is easy. Just wash the band and dry it. For some stains, like strokes that are difficult to wipe out just using water, you can rub the band with an eraser.

Some silicone bands would be faded after washing it. Choosing a good quality silicone band could save your money. Adepoy Apple Watch band is a good choice which has focused on stylish Apple watch accessories for five years. And Adepoy offers life-time warranty.

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2. How to Clean Braided Band

The braided textured design makes the braided band too easy for dirt to get lodged in the band. The material of the band actually is silicone and waterproof. How to clean this Apple watch band? You also need soap and a brush with soft bristles, same as the way to clean nylon band.

3. How to Clean Nylon Band

You can just simply clean the nylon Apple Watch band with a wet, nonabrasive, and lint-free cloth to wipe out the dust and sweat on the band. For the stubborn stains, you may need a little soap and a brush with soft bristles, applying a little soap on the wet nylon band, scrubbing it gently, rinsing it and drying it. In addition, warm water could help you clean the stain quicker and easier.

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4. How to Clean Stainless Steel Band

We need to keep stainless steel watch away from chemicals in daily wear. To maintain the stainless steel band, avoid rubbing it on hard surfaces or with abrasive materials while cleaning. We can just use a wet, nonabrasive, and lint-free cloth to wipe off the dirt on the band and don’t miss the small gaps which may collect more dust.

5. How to Clean Leather Band

One thing you should keep in mind is that leather is not waterproof so please don’t put it into the water or use plenty of water to clean a leather watch. And leather is a delicate material that is easy to get damaged and lose soft texture in daily wear. To clean leather band, you need a soft cloth and soapy water, wipe the band gently with the cloth and place the leather band in a dry and cool area to dry it. In daily use, to maintain its texture, we need to pay attention not to rub the band hard and do not put it under sunlight or in a moist place.

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The first thing you need to do before cleaning the Apple watch band is removing the band from your watch. This will prevent any damages to the watch while cleaning it and it’s convenient to clean the whole band. Before attaching the band to your watch after cleaning, make sure the band is dry. The Apple Watch band that hasn’t been dry yet may affect watch usage and band comfortable

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