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How to Create Amazing Photo Prints from Your Favorite Images

In this digital age, many people forget the prospect of having photo prints. They keep beautiful images on their phone and forget about the amazing memories it brings. Photo prints may seem outdated, but it is the best feeling you can ever give a home.

Hence, do you have that old image you do not want to discard? You can turn it into amazing canvas photo prints. This also includes beautiful memories you want to keep around you. Also, do you know you can use the advantage of this digital age to create a photo print for yourself? Now, let’s get down to it.

As expected, you will come across various app options online during your search, but you need to confirm the quality of services provided. You can join a customer conversation forum to ask questions on unclear topics. This will save your time and data in downloading unnecessary apps. Also, include the word “painting” or “art” in your search to avoid getting tones of filter apps. Some of these apps are free, while many others may request an in-app purchase.

  • Select Your Preferred Image

Among the several images on your phone, select the one you’d like to represent on the wall. It could be a pet, favorite artist, or food; as long as it adds sensation to how you feel, it is ideal. Also, the picture should be at a high resolution to print on large paper. Usually, images between eight and sixteen megapixels would do. You can also confirm the dimension and size of the image through google photos.

  • Edit the Photo

After uploading the image on the app, it is high time to utilize the application tools. The tools you have access to depends on the app quality itself. Hence, you may want to check the app composition to confirm it has all the necessary tools you need. Also, you can crop the picture to have a bolder picture of what you want to edit. Cropped photos are usually clearer for editing.

  • Take Your Time with the Filters

Filters are a great way to add color and background to your image. Most app tools have several filters; hence take your time to check out the best of all. Some may include oil painting, while others use modern manga art. Interestingly, you can make corrections to any filter of your choice, to your customized taste. However, you often get to enjoy most of these benefits when you subscribe to the premium version.

  • Print on Quality Paper

You can either go for paper prints or canvas prints. Canvas prints are more expensive but classy. However, paper prints are not bad. They are beautiful enough to add a stunning lion to your home. It would help if you also used a quality printer such as an inkjet printer. If you cannot afford the printer, you can visit a nearby printing store for temporary usage.

Wrapping Up

Ensure to plan a budget for your photo print before taking the steps above. This will ensure you use suitable materials for your needs. Also, it is always good to set goals. What purpose does the photo print serve? For example, are you using it in an office space, home environment, or garage? This should also influence the degree of attention you give during the editing process.

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