How to Use Creative Suite to Edit Photos and Videos Professionally?

Are you looking for the most reliable way to edit your videos and photos professionally? This is no longer an accomplishable task due to the advent of AI-based editors. For example, editing your photos and videos using an AI-based editor, e.g., CapCut Creative Suite, is fun. It neither takes hours of effort nor does it require having any professional-level video and photo editing skills. This creative suite which is an all-in-one online editor is a collection of the online video editor and the online photo editor, and a variety of commercial and personal templates. Along with it, it also comes with a free creative cloud space to interact, collaborate, and work closer with your team. You can also use the cloud backup here to manage your files more effectively without losing them. Besides, there are a lot of other perks of using this incredible editor that you will learn here. So, let’s start!

Perks of Using Creative Suite

Using this creative suite brings so many distinctive perks for you that make you love using this editor again and again. Let’s look at the perks of using this incredible online suite to edit your photos and videos more professionally. 

1. Makes videos that go viral

The best and the top advantage of using this amazing creative suite is that it helps you make videos that become super hits. It offers all those premium video editing tools that are mandatory to give a professional touch to your videos. Whether you are an expert video editor or lack even basic video editing skills, this suite can equally benefit you. With its AI-based video editing tools such as background removal, background changer, color adjustments, etc. video editing becomes easier. The availability of tools such as an auto-captions generator gives your videos a more professional touch. In short, you can use this incredible online video editor to make the most dramatic and professional-level edits.   

2. Photos that speak up for themselves

Creating photos that speak up for themselves is usually the most challenging task. Especially, it becomes an even more difficult task to accomplish if you are using the manual editor. However, the advent of this creative suite is a blessing for everyone who is struggling with professional-level photo editing. This suite comes with its most reliable online photo editor with lots of free but premium online photo editing tools. You can transform your photos by using its background changer tool, color optimization tool, text effects, filters, frames, etc. There is a great variety of tools that make editing photos not only easier but also a fun thing with cherishable results.   

3. Allows use of personal and commercial templates for free

Besides video and photo editing, this incredible suite also offers you to access a range of free templates. These templates range from a variety of commercial ones to an extensive collection of personal templates. Whatever template you need for whatever purpose, it is all free to use without paying any fee. You can not only access or use these templates for free but can also make as many edits to them as you want. Additionally, sharing them on social media, to your website, or any other blog or anywhere is also free without any editor’s watermarks. 

4. Effective Team Management

Another impressive feature is that it doesn’t only bring a space to edit your content but also allows team management. This online creative suite makes effective team management easier, more enjoyable, and more results-driven task. By using this suite, you can invite all of your official team members to this space. Once they join it, you can also assign them different roles here to work in collaboration with each other. For example, some of you can play the role of the owner while others can have the roles of collaborators, or editors. Hence, all of you can work in coordination with each other and can share files for review or presentation. 

5. Effective File Management

Not only effective team management, but this suite also enables you to manage your file more effectively. It offers you a proper cloud backup space for this purpose. By using this space, you can save every photo or video that you edit using this suite. Then, you can also retrieve those saved photos and videos from this cloud space in case you need them.

6. Free Signup and Free Premium Editing Tools

Moreover, this creative suite offers you a cost-free editing experience. It doesn’t take any money or require you to subscribe for a monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscription for signup. Instead, the account creation process here is not only cost-free but also short, simple, and easy to follow. Along with free signup, this editor is also enriched with tons of free editing tools. For example, here you can find free Video Upscaler, portrait generation, color corrector, etc.

7. No Watermarks

Along with all the above perks, another big advantage of using this mind-blowing creative suite is the absence of watermarks. Yes, you can have the incredible results of your photo/video editing without any watermarks. This editor takes no credit for making these edits but gives you full ownership for editing your content here. So, you can enjoy transforming as many videos and photos as you want without even bothering about any editor’s watermarks. 

How to use Creative Suite For Professional Edits?

Making professional edits to your videos along with enjoying the above perks is a most mesmerizing thing. If you want to learn and enjoy making such professional transformations, look at the following steps below. 

Step 1: Create an Account

First things first, let’s start by creating your free-of-cost user account at this online creative suite. To do so, visit the link on this suite, which is This editor includes a free signup button on its main page, where you can instantly create your account with little information. After that, sign in to your account and move to an online photo editor or online video editor. 

Step 2: Upload Photo/Video

Then, use this amazingly incredible online photo/video editor to make professional edits. However, before doing so, use the upload button here to upload the photo or video that you want to transform using this. 

Step 3: Customize and Transform

After uploading the desired file, you can now start transforming it by using a range of amazing editing tools. Remove background, change or add background, optimize colors, add transitions, apply filters and text effects, use frames, and much more. Besides, you can edit your video by editing your transcript, when you transcribe the video to text. All of these would give you incredibly impressive results while making the most catchy and interactive transformation. 

Step 4: Export and Download

At the end, simply download the photo/video that you’ve made here using premium editing tools. Save it to your cloud backup and retrieve it to use it again whenever you want. 


Editing your photos and videos professionally with the help of the online Creative Suite is the most pleasurable, easier, and enjoyable task. With its great variety of tools, it doesn’t only make it easier to edit photos, but it also assures that you get the most dramatic and professional outputs. So, start using this amazing suite and mesmerize yourself through its perks and impressive transformations. 

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