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Knowing the Responsibilities of a Homeowner

Being a homeowner is a large responsibility, that when poorly taken, can lead to financial losses and possible lawsuits.  If you’re new to homeownership or questioning ‘should I rent or buy a home?’ you’re not alone!

These are the responsibilities that fall on every homeowner’s shoulders.

Lawn and Plant Maintenance

One of the largest changes from renting an apartment is the importance of lawn and plant maintenance.  In most apartments, there’s no outdoor space that you have to care for.  Although most homeowners love their exterior space, it can be hard to love when you have to spend hours every weekend maintaining it.

If your sidewalk has cracks or ice builds up in the winter, you can be sued if someone gets hurt walking across it.  To avoid lawsuits and ensure nobody is harmed, it’s vital to keep your home’s exterior in great shape.

Roof and Gutter Care

Beyond how other people will interact with your property, caring for your roof and gutters can ensure that your roof stays healthy, leaks don’t occur, and avoid flooding.  Leaf debris can build up and create a sludge that can damage your roof’s shingles as cold weather sets in.  The cold can contract and expand this matter and build an ice mound on top of it.  

Not only can this ice ruin your roof and attic insulation if it’s blocking your gutters, but it can also eventually lead to flooding by causing water to fall closer to the home and possibly get into the basement.

Filters and HVAC System

Your filters and HVAC system have to be constantly maintained.  In a healthy home, your filters should be changed out at least once every other month.  This will keep your air clean and ensure that your air conditioner or heater can run at full ability without having to work through debris to function.

It may feel tedious to change out your filter this often, but this will save you money on your monthly bills over time.

Cleanliness for Comfort and Safety

If the interior of your home isn’t well maintained: that can be a problem.  Not only will an abundance of grime or unclean surfaces in your home eventually damage these surfaces, but they’re also a hazard to your health.

Black mold, which can happen from a buildup of moisture in a home, can cause major harm to the respiratory system and will kill the value of your home.  It’s your responsibility to keep your home clean and safe.  It doesn’t have to be tidy, we’re only human, but you should ensure that it’s clean.

Home Repairs or Maintenance

Unlike renting, if you own a home and something goes wrong within it: it’s your responsibility to have it repaired. This means if your dishwasher stops working, you should call Thermador Dishwasher Repair Services.
If a light stops turning on despite the bulb being replaced. If a window is broken: you need to replace it with a UPVC double glazed window.

This can be exhausting to do and cost-intensive, but it’s important to ensure that your home is in working order.  After all, it belongs to you!  It would be best if you wanted it to be the best it can be.

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