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How not to lose money on YouTube channel

Aspiring YouTube channel creators often buy various types of ads for their channel because they want to gain a large audience as quickly as possible. But in many cases it turns out to be ineffective and they only lose money. If you want to get profit from YouTube, then you need to familiarize yourself with tips on how to place ads and be in the black, because with the right approach, this is a sure way to gain fame and profit. According to statistics, YouTube mobile advertising is 84% more likely to receive viewers’ attention than TV advertising. In this article, you will learn how you need to think about your YouTube ads so as not to waste your money.

Why do you need ads on YouTube?

If you recently started running your own channel, then you know how difficult it is to attract an audience in the first months of operation. Many users have to spend several years to get the first few thousand subscribers. This is definitely the wrong approach, because all your work is going to waste. To quickly gain an audience, you should either buy YouTube subscribers, or purchase ads on the service or from well-known bloggers.

You can secure ad funding by taking out a loan. Through online lending platforms such as GetCash you fill out an online loan application and then get matched with vetted lenders who approve your loan requests. You can apply for a loan of up to $5,000.

Advertising helps YouTube channel authors attract the right audience, which will actively view content, comment and share with friends. Despite the fact that no one on the Internet loves the unexpected appearance of ads in a video or on a website, many people still follow the links and subscribe if they are interested. 

What kind of ads should you buy?

On YouTube, you can choose from different types of ads for your channel. The first option is to buy ads from better known channels. To use this option, you need to analyze a huge number of factors. You cannot buy ads from the first available channel and guarantee yourself at least minimal success. First of all, you should analyze the similarity of the audience of that channel with yours. This is important, since subscribers will only go to you if they are interested in your topic. You need to pay attention to gender, age, different preferences and hobbies of this audience, so as not to lose money and so that later you do not have to buy real YouTube subscribers. Next, see if this channel’s audience is active. This can be checked by the ratio of views, likes and comments.

The second option is to buy ads from famous people who blog on other social networks, such as Instagram. This is a less efficient way, because there is no way on Instagram to insert a link into the post text. If you buy ads from an Instagram blogger, then a link to your channel will be placed either in Stories or in bio. Users rarely go to profiles to find a link, so you’re likely wasting your money. 

In addition, YouTube channel for advertising to be as effective as possible, you must think through its content in advance. You should grab attention in the first five seconds of your ad to prevent users from rewinding it. This is difficult, so you should invite a specialist to compose the text and visuals.

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