Riding the major trend like a professional stock trader

Trend trading strategy has always been extremely popular among professional traders. The skilled traders love to trade with the major trend as it helps them to make a decent profit without taking a high risk. If you learn to trade the market with the major trend, you have to deal with fewer false signals. In fact, you will become more confident with your actions and thus you can earn more money. However, learning to ride the major trend in the stock market is not an easy task. You need to follow some cardinal rules from the starting of your career.

In this article, we are going to discuss some amazing techniques by which you can become a professional trend trader. Follow the tips mentioned in this article as they will change your life.

Selecting the trending asset

To become good at using a trend trading strategy, you need to select the trending asset. Without selecting the trending asset, you will never learn to use the trend line in an effective way. The rookies often analyze the market trend in the exotic pairs. They don’t realize the fact, exotic pairs often exhibit false spikes. So, if you intend to trade in such an asset, chances are very high that you will be having some major problems. To solve this issue, we strongly recommend that you learn to trade the trend in the major pairs. When it comes to the stock trading profession, analyze the data for the top stops. By doing so, you can pick the right assets in the market.

Selection of the time frame

People need to be extremely cautious about the time frame selection or else they will never learn to trade with the major trend. Look at this site and learn more about the importance of selecting the higher timeframe in the stock trading profession. If you choose to trade in the lower time frame, chances are very high that you will be taking trades in favor of the retracement phase. Never try to take your trades in an aggressive way by using the lower time frame. Analyze the data in the daily and the weekly time frame as it will give you a better picture of the market. Once you move back to the higher time frame, you should be able to identify the major support and resistance level with a high level of precision.

Using the line tools

Professional traders never rely on the complex trading method to take their trades in favor of the trend. They ride the major trend by finding the support and the resistance level using the line tools. Once you become good at using the line tools, you should feel more comfortable with your actions. At times the traders get confused as they don’t know the proper way to find reliable trade signals during the intense volatility of the market. In such conditions, you may find the major trend direction by analyzing the slope of the 100 period moving average. If the volatility of the market is very high, use the 200-period moving average in the trend determination process.

Some traders use special tool like Zignaly service which help to trade automatically or even copy the most successful traders.

Use the candlestick patterns

You need to be good at using candlestick patterns. The use of candlestick patterns is known as price action trading. If you become good at price action trading, chances are very high that you will be able to execute high-quality trades at the major support and resistance level. Never think that by using the price action trading method, you can avoid losing trades. You will always have to deal with losing trades no matter which trading method you chose. So, develop a strong risk management plan so that you don’t have to risk a big sum of money in each trade. Aim for high risk to reward ratio trade setups as it will give you a better picture of the market.

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