The 5 Most Common Reasons Why People in Cardiff Call a Locksmith 

Locksmiths are to the security industry what the AA is to the motor industry. When you find yourself facing trouble with a lock or key, a reputable locksmith is there to get you out of a jam. With this in mind, we will take a look at the five most common reasons why people call a locksmith in Cardiff. 

Broken or Damaged Locks

Locks are subject to wear and tear, improper installation, vandalism, and other naturally occurring stress. Signs of difficulty like strange noises, issues turning the key, loose components, or the inability to lock the door indicate a serious issue. 

Speedy replacement or repair is essential for maintaining securing, preventing additional damage, and ensuring proper function. A 24 hour Cardiff locksmith, like Curley Locks, has the tools and expertise to assess the issue and repair or replace the damage. Depending on the issue, they may issue new keys, provide emergency lock replacements, or suggest additional measures to prevent future damage.  

Being Locked Out

There’s nothing worse than being locked out, whether it’s because of jammed locks or lost keys. Even though you can break the door down or jimmy the lock to gain access to the property, an expert emergency locksmith based in Cardiff will come out any time of day or night to open the door without causing damage. 

To prevent being locked out in the future, it’s a good idea to create spare keys, store keys safely, install deadbolts, and consider a keyless entry system. 

Emergency Lock Replacement

Following a break-in, forced entry, stolen or lost keys, or damaged locks, an emergency lock replacement is the only viable solution. Curley Locks Locksmiths will assess the situation, remove the lock, install a new one, create keys, and tell you all about strengthening the lock. 

To avoid being left vulnerable anytime soon, consider using high-security locks, surveillance systems, and secure key storage. Additionally, if your home was broken into, contact the police and report the incident – you’ll need the case number to file an insurance claim. 

Lost or Stolen Keys

If you’ve ever got home and realised your keys aren’t anywhere to be found, you’ll understand the dreaded sinking feeling. Whether you’ve misplaced your keys or had them stolen, missing keys pose a serious security risk. 

Even though someone may have a spare key, it’s a good idea to upgrade the locks because someone could be walking around with your keys. By calling a Cardiff locksmith to have the locks replaced, you can lock your doors at night knowing that you’ll sleep safe and sound. 

Upgrading or Strengthening Locks

Not all locks are made equal, and an upgrade to your lock can be the difference between having your door forced open and not. A trusted locksmiths Cardiff can advise you on the best option for your property, from multipoint locking mechanisms to smart locks

If you’re facing any issue with your lock or keys, the safest course of action is to call in a locksmith. These unsung heroes will have the problem sorted in no time, leaving you 100% secure inside your own home.

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