What does double chance mean in bets on the Mostbet website

Like the classic outcome bet, double chance is a very popular type of bet among beginners and professionals. Firstly, it is quite simple to implement and plan – to set such a bet, it is not necessary to be well versed in sports betting. And secondly, it gives a high probability of winning, as it includes two outcomes at once. Hence the name “Double Chance”. Also, this bet is often called a double outcome, which needs no explanation.

Double chance bet format

In bookmakers, the double chance bet has the following notation format:

  • 1X – Team 1 win or draw
  • 12 – victory of team 1 or team 2
  • X2 – team 2 win or draw

Team 1 is displayed on the left and is always the home team (where the sporting event takes place), while team 2 is displayed on the right and is always away (playing away).


Please note that our service recommends making such bets, and indeed any others, only with the help of the bookmaker, which offers the highest odds in the line among competitors. 

It is important to note that the double bet is only available in sports where the possibility of a tie is allowed. For example, in tennis or biathlon there is no bet on a double outcome at all.

You also need to know that the odds for betting on a double chance will always be an order of magnitude smaller than with a standard bet on an outcome. This is because the double chance gives a significantly higher chance of winning.

Double chance betting features

It is important to note that when betting on the outcome of football or hockey, the bookmaker takes into account only the main time of the game, extra time is no longer taken into account, unless otherwise specified in the rules of the office.

There are also bets on a double outcome within a certain period of time – this can be the first or second half, the whole match, or some specific period of the event, for example, the first 5 or 15 minutes of the match, or from the 45th to the 60th minute .


In addition, there is a fairly popular betting strategy in a bookmaker based on a double chance bet. We are talking about the strategy “Against a draw 12”. It is easy to guess that the number “12” denotes a bet on the first and second teams. At the same time, such tactics are used only in events with a minimum probability of a draw. Thus, the user can get, albeit insignificant, but practically guaranteed winnings with minimal risk.

The strategy of the game “Against a draw 12” is often used by professional bettors. They compensate for the low odds with a large amount of the bet, receiving significant winnings on an ongoing basis. In addition, it is possible to make an express from several bets against a draw at once, thus further increasing the amount of the reward received.

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