Typical Difficulties Of Acceptance Testing

In an environment where automated systems are used to test an application, the process may seem simple. Nevertheless, even with the help of modern tools, the moderator has to develop scripts, make settings, fix errors, and, most importantly, write comments in a meaningful way.

Regardless of the testing methodology, the workflow can be complex. Many of them can be solved with the help of pre-invited focus groups, some can be overcome with the submission of an online questionnaire, and many are solved only within the working team. The variety of types of testing and the peculiarities of the business task largely determine the typical difficulties that a tester may face. Today, user acceptance testing services are gaining popularity.

Limited time resource

No matter how much attention is paid to testing, there will always be more important questions for the team. With a limited budget, not every company can afford to take in-house specialists away from direct development issues and involve them in testing. As a result, programmers need to choose the time in their schedule and connect to the testing process.

Faced with the problem of short deadlines, the work team is able to check in detail only the main work cycles, while the correctness of the additional functions remains behind the scenes. Even despite the fact that the tester can apply debugged test scripts several times, many aspects of the logic of the system can be determined only during operation. As a result, the test result may turn out to be biased and affect only functional fragments.

Goal conflict

From a sequencing standpoint, UAT testing is done at the last stage, when the product is fully assembled and checked for bugs. When the application is scanned and all possible errors are identified, the owner submits the product for review with the participation of the focus group. In fact, the developers simply do not want the target users to encounter bugs, because this will impose a negative on the further promotion of the software product.

The logic in posing this question is quite natural. QA Company developers want to test the system, but they do not want respondents to notice even the smallest defects. In this concept, testing turns into a formal procedure, into a conditional demonstration or presentation of the first public version of the application.

This position can lead to a delay in terms, as it will be necessary to objectively select a focus group or prescribe additional parameters.

Leadership Effectiveness

In conditions where respondents or users are not required to develop their own cases, secondary scenarios can fade into the background, which automatically adds risk in the further operation of the software product. In this case, the question arises: with what responsibility should users of UAT testing take into account the simple fact that they have other responsibilities?

If control is not established behind the actions of test respondents, their responsibility and motivation are reduced. Therefore, to ensure a quality process, management is obliged to attract trained employees and implement appropriate motivation programs.

Features of the system

Often there are situations when UAT test respondents simply do not understand the logic of the system. User testing does not require knowledge in programming. Users need to evaluate efficiency, stability, quality, convenience, ease of use, and so on. At the same time, it is important to have at least minimal knowledge of the technical intricacies of programs. That is why large companies start testing with a general presentation, which describes in detail the logic of programming, the principle of operation, and software features.

Familiarization of the focus group with the program is an important part of testing. At the same time, it is necessary to correctly organize the presentation so that the testing process does not turn into a typical educational lesson. Users need to be shown how to use the program and how to effectively test the system.

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