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What Is Distillate?

For those who are looking at the many THC products out there, distillate is one of those products that everyone sees and wonders just what is distillate? Why is this something that you need to try? Is it the best product for you to use? 

What is Distillate?

In terms of how this looks, distillate is an oil that is runny and translucent. It is devoid of any of the waxes or other compounds of the plant. Due to the nature that this distillate it is in, it used in a variety of THC products including vaporizing, mixing in edibles, topical, dab and the like. 

You are going to find that distillate is made from the process of distillation. This is basically where the chemical components are boiled and condensed down to this distillate form. When boiling this, most manufacturers are going to get this boil at a low temperature point to avoid boiling out the potency of this. Due to this form it is considered extremely potent since it is removing everything ext the cannabis. For this reason, distillate is not something that you should try to make on your own. It should be used by professionals only!

How is Distillate Used? 

Distillate is very versatile. Therefore, you will find that it can be used alone, or it is used by manufacturers and adding into something. Since it lacks smell and taste, it is the main way that tasty edibles are going to be injected with the THC. With this being said, for those who want the most pure form that they can find, they will discover that using this as it is can give you the full feel of the THC distillate. 

Most people are going to use a dab ring or probable vaporizer, as well as vape this with a distillate cartridge and/or vape pen. With these methods, those who use this often feel the effects almost immediately. For those who want to do their own thing, they will find that they can take distillate and make their own edibles, but be careful to introduce this at low levels to avoid THC overload. 

You can even add a few drops of to the topical cream of your choice for added benefits. For example, muscle creams can have a few drops of this added and get an even more potent pain relief. However, as with all things that you do with distillate, a little goes a long way!

Have you tried using distillates? If not, now may be the right time. If you find that your old source of THC is not giving you the relief that you once had, then distillates may be the way to correct this issue. You will find that you can get various strands of from online cannabis sites to find the strain that works best for your particular needs. Once you have this, try the different methods of using this to decide what works best for you personally, as this a personal decision.

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